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Domestic Air Conditioning

The perfect climate at the touch of a button.

Home air conditioning is getting more and more popular in the UK as the years go by, and is it any wonder with our ever changing climate, getting the perfect temperature within our homes is proving to be very difficult, too hot one minute and too cold the next.

Home air conditioning

Over the years air conditioning manufactures have realised the potential for home air conditioning and they have been fine tuning their technology to keep up with today’s demanding home owner. In order to get home air conditioning more popular they would have to reduce the size and sound of the units and enhance performance which they now have, making the idea of having air conditioning in your house more and more desirable. With degree sensitive controls, built in filters and dehumidifier, you can always get the climate you require to ensure you get that full night sleep or clear your allergies.

Today’s air conditioning units have utilized new inverter technology to minimize running costs and reduce sound levels while maximizing power for both heating and cooling. With AA energy ratings on most domestic inverter air conditioning units they now qualifying for reduced VAT of 5% due the high efficiency of air conditioning heating. It has never been easier or cheaper to get your house to the perfect climate you require.

Over all home air conditioning has grown in popularity in the UK due to it’s high performance, low running costs, low maintenance and the ability to adapt to today’s climate come rain or shine.

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