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Efficiency of air conditioning

Residential air conditioning has huge demand across the globe. It also can be a huge consumer of electricity in many countries across the globe too. Air conditioning offers several benefits to to us. However, there are certain things one requires keeping in mind when purchasing & using air conditioning. The tips mentioned below will let you ensure efficiency of air conditioning when purchasing one.

The overall tip and the very best advice is choose an Air Conditioning company who is knowledgeable and well trusted within the industry. But if you must look into Air Conditioning yourself, here are some tips which may help.

Tip one: SEER ratings

When shopping for air conditioning units, you must look for SEER ratings of 13 or more for central air conditioning units. Look for SEER ratings of 11 or high when purchasing room air conditions. When looking for higher efficiency of air conditioners you may require paying higher. However, these will save up to 50 per cent on electricity bills. SEER means (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating).

Tip two: Sizing

Sizing air conditioner is crucial to enhance efficiency of air conditioning. Larger units are known to be more efficient. However, they will not operate well if they are over sized. Make sure you purchase the air conditioning unit of size that is just perfect for you and your room heat load requirements.

Tip three: Energy star label

Make sure you look for energy star label prior to purchasing an air conditioning unit. This is a guarantee for the efficiency of air conditioner.

Tip four: Thermal expansion device

In most cases your air conditioning unit must have factory installed thermal expansion device. This feature functions towards enhancing high temperature performance & facilitates the unit to deliver the rated efficiency even under adverse circumstances.

Tip five: Fan only switch

This is yet another feature to look for in an air conditioning unit when purchasing one. This allows you to use the unit for night time ventilation which further reduces costs of air conditioning a significant amount, while still keeping the air flow moving for more comfort.

Again, when possible always use a reputable air conditioning installers

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