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F Gas-Is Your Business Covered?

As of July 2009 it has become a legal requirement that all companies who’s business it is to install, maintain and service any type of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment which contains or is designed to contain F gas refrigerants need to obtain an F gas company certificate.

Any company who works within the industry must have a current F gas company certificate to comply with current laws.

Refcom F gas leglislation

What is the F gas regulation and Who does it affect?

The main driver behind the F gas regulation is the ever topical, “Climate Change”. EC regulation is to prevent any unnecessary emissions which has been caused by the ozone depleting nature of refrigerant gases.

All fixed and stationary air conditioning and refrigerant equipment has a number of obligations to prevent the leakage of F gas refrigerants, with the most emphasis on those system which contain  more that 3 kg  of refrigerant. There has also been an introduction of a ban on the industries most popular refrigerant R22, it states ” No virgin refrigerant can be used in any systems and as of 2015 R22 with be obsolete as all recycled will be destroyed.

How is your business affected?

The new F gas regulation applies to all business which have any “fixed air conditioning or refrigeration equipment” on site. All businesses have a legal obligation to ensure their air conditioning equipment is maintained and the correct refrigerant leak test have been done to comply with the current legislation.

Always make sure the contractor is registered with Refcom and has the correct F gas certificates and all of its engineers are suitably qualified. The upside is that your air conditioning equipment will be properly maintained and you will save in running costs and the longevity aspects too.

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