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Fixed Air Conditioning Vs Portable Air Conditioning

In our forever changing climate air conditioning is getting more and more popular in the UK, whether that be for your home or place of business.

Now the big question

What’s right for me, portable or fixed air conditioning?

Fixed air conditioning system

The modern fixed air conditioning system has come a long way with technology to ensure you get the best of both worlds from low running costs to maximum performance. With a lot of key manufactures getting involved with home air conditioning the appearance has also improved from ivory to mirror finishes and air conditioning systems which look like art work, this caters for just about everyone’s taste.

A simple fixed air conditioning installation consists of two units an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Both units are connected by concealed pipe work and wiring. The air conditioning system will run off its own electrical supply, all waste water from the air conditioner is collected and drained away via a condensate pump or gravity drains. The indoor unit consists of a controller, evaporator coil and a small fan motor, by keeping internal parts to a minimum ensures internal noise levels are reduced. All heavy mechanical components are placed in the outdoor unit where any small vibration is placed outside rather than next to your desk or over your bed.

As far as after care is concerned it is very simple, with just two air conditioning maintenance checks per year, you can rest assured when you press that ON button you will be in the right climate for you.

Portable air conditioning

Portable air conditioning units have also come a long way, with desirable designs and new light weight units. They come in a wide range of unit sizes to ensure you can find the right cooling capacity to fit your requirements.

Portable air conditioning units have all mechanical components inside the unit making it very compact but fairly noisy. All waste water is collected in a tank which needs emptying by hand on a regular bases. As space, noise and running cost are the key problem factors which surround the portable air conditioning units, does the fact of comparatively low investment cost really pay, when their true colours are shown reflected in the running cost and time spent emptying water from them.

Part of the process that makes a “cooling effect” is the removal of heat, and to transfer it outside. In a fixed air conditioning installation the outdoor unit absorbs this process, but with a portable application you will require an exhaust pipe much like a tumble drier hose to get rid of the heat. Usually an open window enables the hot air to be taken away, this again causes warmer air to enter the room, and this is one of the main reasons portable air conditioning is so inefficient.

Overall you should always invest in what you can afford, although when comes to investing money into air conditioning always look at the bigger picture and work out the investment over a couple years, look at practicality, performance and overall running costs to ensure you get the right application for you and your requirements. The initial cost is only a part of it. In most cases a fixed air conditioning unit will be more cost effective over the period of 2-3 years, quieter and more user friendly too.

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