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Get heat from air conditioning before gas supplies run out

Week in week out, during the cold weather in the UK, newspapers and press articles are forever writing about the ever running low levels of our gas supplies. most of the gas in the UK is imported, but the worrying thing is, we only ever have several days worth of gas in reserves at any one time, and with the way this winter seems to be panning out that’s potentially very worrying.

Another worrying concern about gas, is the fact that it’s in natural fossil fuel, this means that once it’s gone, it’s gone, and it takes millions and millions of years to make more. That’s quite some wait when you’re freezing cold.

Potentially, all the houses in the UK which are heated using the gas central heating boilers, could be rendered useless if our gas supplies to run out as so many people have predicted. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as there are a number of other ways to heat your home or office, however there will be an initial outlay.

Electrically powered air conditioning systems are known all over the world for providing a cool environment, are now also, one of the most effective and efficient forms of heating. Bet you didn’t know that? Having air conditioning installed, means that each and every room can be individually controlled and maintained at the correct temperature you want, and when a room is not being used, simply switch it off. This is another benefit about air conditioning, you only need to heat or cool rooms that you’re using. Gas central heating on the other hand, you turn it on and warm the whole house, or you turn it off and the whole house gets cold. not very efficient.

The good thing about electrically powered air conditioning systems, is the fact that electricity can simply be made by a number of renewable sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines and even generators which lie on the surface of the sea constantly generating power. Once these renewable sources are invested in more by governments and countries we will be able to have a more reliable power source in the form of electricity. Thus, once this happens we will also be able to rely upon the efficient and very rapid heating from air conditioning systems. Who knows, in 50 years if you visit a museum, you may even get to see an old gas boiler.

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