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Heat Wave in the UK

Sweltering temperatures are on thew cards for most of the UK Today and this weekend. Temperatures are expected to reach 32C which is the hottest of the year so far. The main concern is the fact that there will be no respite, evening temperatures will remain at a very muggy 20C. Sleepless nights and hot humid days are defiantly on the cards.

It has also been said that this is just the arrival of even more hot days, this is just the start of the warmer weather and maybe England can have stories of the hottest summer on record, it’s been a good start with no only a long period of warm weather but also the driest period since the 1930’s. As the hose pipe ban is in action and the grass is all brown, make sure you are not a sufferer of this heat wave. Panic and worry for the safety and health of children and the elderly is clear, however if you have invested in creating an comfortable environment by having air conditioning installed then you will be one of the lucky ones who enjoys the year round comfort.

Some of the most stuffy places like highly occupied busy cities will notice the increase in temperature the most. People in London with air conditioning installed will be so glad, while the rest of their friends, family and work colleagues sweat and feel stressed, they will be cool calm and comfortable.

Ensure you are not one of the statistics this summer, the effects of heat stroke and exhaustion can be fatal. Keep fluids up, keep a breeze where ever you can and take plenty of breaks…… Or get an air conditioning installed

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