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Helsinki using snow to cool during the summer

For over 10 years now Helsinki has been looking into ways of using the substantial fall of snow to cool buildings and areas during the warm summer months.

It’s a fantastic idea of utilising the elements, and one of the biggest challenges in being able to use all this excess snow will be storage. It has been said that they will create an underground storage facility where trucks will easily able to load all of the snow for storage until the warmer months.

When the warm months arise it’s a simple matter of removing the snow and finding the effective way to utilise that cooling power  perhaps in an evaporative type air conditioning unit. this is the first year that they actually started to implement this idea that they’d been mulling over for the past 10 years. Now the wheels are moving on this idea it will be interesting to see just how Helsinki does uses snow as air conditioning to cool during the summer months.

Who knows, with the amount of snowfall that the UK had at the end of 2010, maybe, just maybe there is a chance that if this storage facility and cooling roll out program is effective it may become a worldwide affair.

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