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Hospital air conditioning

Why do hospitals really require air conditioning? Well the answer is simple. Installing these units in hospitals provides a comfortable environment to patients. Doctors and staff will also be able to work more comfortably and concentrate on their duty in a better manner. These days most modern hospitals are equipped with this air conditioning. The technology is also utilized to provide various therapies to patients.

According to studies it has been proved that patients show speedy recovery in controlled environment than in an uncontrolled environment. For example, cardiac patients may not be able to maintain adequate circulation to facilitate standard heat loss. This is also a reason that cardiac wards and rooms are equipped with air conditioning units.

Patients within head injuries, those subjected with brain operations and those with poisoning may have high fever in a hot environment due to trouble in the brain’s heat regulatory system. The best thing to ensure recovery here is to maintain cool and comfortable environment.

Burn patients also require a warm environment with high relative humidity. The room for severe burn patients must possess temperature controls that can keep the level of temperature should be 32 degree Celsius. The relative humidity should go up to 95 per cent, this is where air conditioning is used as a clean room application.

Air conditioning is extremely important in the operation theater too. This helps in controlling the temperature, humidity and sterile filtration. These units are also considered as a necessity for other departments of hospitals such as delivery room, radiology, recovery room, intensive care unit, CAT, MRI and nuclear medicine.

Air conditioning has helped in making the environment of hospitals livable and extremely comfortable. This also facilitates in keeping the environment of the hospital clean and hygienic. The patients will feel happy, healthy and comfortable with an air conditioning installed in hospitals.

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