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Hot and Stuffy London Underground

So, you have a meeting in London and it’s your big chance to impress and prospective client, with your “blue tree thinking”. The suit is looking sharp, you have sprayed the perfect amount of perfume and your ready to take anything.

Well, so you thought. You make you way off the train and onto the London underground, where you are immediately faced with the blazing heat and humidity when you travel down the never ending escalators.

Suddenly, that cool calm and collected feeling subside and is replaced with anxiety and stress. However you have and plan. Stand up and keep your arms from your sides, just enough for some air but not so much that everyone can see the perspiration already beginning to show. We all know where this goes. Actually meeting your client, sweat dripping from your brow and a sheen that glints in the light. Not the cool and collected meeting you were hoping for. Everything was ready, it just the temperature that was out of your control.

When will air conditioning in London finally make it to the underground? This will help us to keep our cool, just when we need it most.

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