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Hotel Service 365

Hotel Service 365 is a newly-introduced facility operating within Service Group 365. After providing years of service to London based companies who have now grown to expect the very best in air conditioning and mechanical services it is clear that the Hotel industry welcomes the professionalism, expertise and personal approach that we offer.

How Can We Help You?

Providing the high level of service and support that a hotel requires is in most cases above the capability of a regular service and maintenance company. We can provide this very high level of flexible service: we work exceptionally well with hotels by ensuring:

  • Your service calls are attended to within 4 hours!
  • Maintenance visits are scheduled and carried out in times of low occupancy.
  • Our reports to you are thorough but simple and clear.
  • System recommendations are always documented as they arise improve efficiency and performance.

Hotel Service 365 is quite unlike any other competitive offering. We understand what’s important to you, your managers, your guests and your hotel. It may be the confidence in our expertise which means that you can relax in the knowledge that the best possible job is being done at all times. Or it may be the peace of mind because your air conditioning and ventilation are fully compliant and operating efficiently. We understand the hotel industry and your needs, and it means we are well equipped to service even the most demanding of buildings and circumstances.

What Services Do We Cover?

Our specialisms are in air conditioning, cooling / heating and ventilation services. Sometimes though our expertise is required in more diverse applications including controls and efficiency management. We cover all your:

  • Air Conditioning cooling / heating
  • VRV / VRF systems
  • Roof top water chillers
  • Cooling towers

If it cools we cover it!

Hotel Maintenance

The maintenance aspect of any mechanical equipment is absolutely paramount. The right maintenance package will deliver a return on investment as well as reducing the headache that a poorly maintained, problematic system brings. We give you a full maintenance facility that includes:

  1. A maintenance program to suit occupancy times.
  2. Planned procedures.
  3. A thorough service plan ensuring equipment longevity and minimised breakdowns and down-time.
  4. Proactive reporting, detailing potential upcoming issues.
  5. Invisible service, professional and courteous. (Your clients won’t know we are there!)

Hotel Installations

Whenever a hotel has any new service and equipment installed, there are a number of extremely important aspects that need to be considered first in order to ensure the day to day operations are not affected. These are management requirements and we work with you closely to ensure these are all in place:

  1. Scheduled and agreed times for all works.
  2. Guaranteed completion times to prevent any un-useable areas/rooms.
  3. Discreet implementation.
  4. The knowledge to combine the perfect engineering solutions with aesthetics to blend with any environment.
  5. Meticulous in-house project management.

Compliance “We have you covered”

The current F-Gas legislation requires all buildings which have fluorinated gases within air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling systems to have regular refrigerant leak checks on the systems.

Since its inception on 4th July 2008 the European Union’s F-Gas regulation No 842/0006 affects all users of air conditioning equipment.

The main aim of this law is to reduce an monitor all of the ozone depleting gases which escape into the atmosphere and is known to cause damage to the environment and contributes to global warming.

What is the law?

A log/ register of all air conditioning systems must be kept on site with all of the systems details, and these need to include: make, model, serial numbers (including all served indoor units), type of system and quantity of refrigerant. The systems must be refrigerant leak tested by certified personnel (frequency depending on quantity of gas in the system) and findings documented in the register. If any leaks are detected they must be rectified at the earliest opportunity and again fully documented showing all of any recovery or additional refrigerant included in the register for inspection.

The responsibility by Law for the compliance lies with the ‘’operator’’, this is defined as people, persons or organisations that have actual power/ control over the technical functioning of the equipment.

TM44 Energy assessment and inspection. This is a legal requirement and you can find all of the information you need to know about the TM44

Health and Safety

As a Safe Contractors registered company Service Group 365 provides all of its services both professionally and safely. Full risk assessments and works specific method statements are carried out to ensure procedures are followed and risks are mitigated.

Safety of your personal, clients and our workforce underpins everything we do.