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How Important Is Your Server Room Air Conditioning To You

“Well as long as the room stays relatively cool, then I’m happy”

Server Room Air Conditioning Importance

This is the most popular opinion when it comes to speaking to clients regarding their server room air conditioning. This is until, it fails!

Service Group 365 is predominantly a service and maintenance type business, however we do have an installation team too. Many of our clients have come onto us simply because they were not getting the service that they wanted from their  previous maintenance provider.  Most of our clients already have their air conditioning systems installed, and up until there is a problem with it, they seem generally happy with it. what most air conditioning companies don’t understand, or don’t choose to ask, is: “how important is your server room air conditioning to you?”. I suppose this could be reworded to  ” how important is it that your servers stays up and running permanently?”

So many companies have been ill-advised by other air conditioning companies or even consultants when it comes to choosing the right mechanical package for their server room.

Simply having an air conditioning unit which copes with the heat load is not enough any more, certainly if server failure is catastrophic to your business. it is important to understand that all mechanical products will fail at some stage of their life, and it is also fair to say that all mechanical products, will fail at different points of their life.  Therefore, the solution that service group 365 would recommend for all server rooms, is a 100% backup type solution. this would mean that if your server room had a total heat load of 5 kW. Then we would recommend installing 2×5 kW air conditioning systems. The systems would need to be independently controlled, and independently operated. there are in fact control devices that can be connected to air conditioning systems which would then rotate and cycle which of the units acts as the master and which of the units act as the slave. the rotation is usually change them a weekly basis. if for some reason one of the air conditioning units failed that was set to master, then once the internal temperature of the server room raised past a certain point, then the slave unit would kick in and cool equipment adequately. it is also possible to have this same control device send out an SMS message to advise a person that one of the air conditioning unit had in fact failed.

No one wants to receive a message with such bad news, but the news is welcomed when you know you can rely on the second air conditioning system to ensure that your servers remain running just the way they should.

Whether you’re looking for a new air conditioning server room installation, or you have a current installation in place and would like advice, then please do drop us a line and explain what you’re looking for what you have, and we will be more than happy to advise you either way, obviously, depending on your requirements.


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