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How The Script Writer Of Doctor Who Uses Air Conditioning

I have recently read an article about Steven Moffat. He is the script writer for the world-renowned series of Doctor Who. Stephen is also in charge of other elements of the Doctor Who series as he is also the executive producer.

While Stephen was stuck in an LA hotel room he was suffering with a state of mental block as the overall atmosphere within the hotel room was certainly not conducive to producing the excellent level of story writing that we have come to know and love.

He decided to take some action and adjust the air conditioning. This way he could feel more comfortable and simply allow his creative site to act in the way that always does and produce fantastic content for the series.

He wrote in the Christmas edition of the radio Times about this experience, he said ” two days of writing nothing, and I took emergency measures.”

He downloaded every possible Christmas song he could find, wrapped up warm and closed all the curtains and turned up the air conditioning. And then he was able to begin in the script writing process to create the Doctor Who special which will be screened on Christmas Day 2010.

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