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How the snow affects your air conditioning’s heating

With most of the UK now covered with a blanket of snow we spend a lot of our time endeavoring to keep as warm as we can. Those of you who have invested in air conditioning is your main heating source for your building, be it at your home or your office may come into the issue that your air conditioning simply is not producing enough heat during the extreme cold snaps and snow.

There are a number of things you can look out for before calling an air conditioning company to have a look at this problem for you. Firstly, check that your outside air conditioning condensing unit is not frozen over. If it is frozen over, check that it hasn’t got any obvious debris stuck to the back of it, this could be plastic bags or a buildup of leaves. Clear these first and see how it goes.

If it’s a new air conditioning system has been installed that is being affected from poor heating output, then it is possible, that the air conditioning system that you have been sold will simply not work in temperatures below freezing. Each manufacturer has its own guidelines for producing heating capacity. most of them go between -15° C and -10° C. Extremely efficient manufacturers that are well ahead of the game will even produce air conditioning systems that heat down as low as -25° C. However, get this checked out first and consult your air conditioning company that installed the system.

When did your air conditioning unit last have a maintenance visit? If your air conditioning is lacking in performance and you have not had an air conditioning maintenance carried out in the past six months, then I would advise to get this done immediately. Not only will you find that the level of heating is restored, but the unseen figure of the additional cost that an air conditioning unit will be to run if it’s not correctly maintained can be as much as 50%.

If you have done all of the above, then please call out a reputable air-conditioning company to have a look your air conditioning and ensure that you keep warm during the next few progressively colder months.

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