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I Knew Air Conditioning Would Be Everywhere Soon.

Since the arrival of air-conditioned cars it seems that we will become so used to living and being in a really comfortable environment. over the past 50 years it’s fair to say that most if not nearly all new commercial office blocks come with some level of mechanical cooling or air conditioning.

It’s completely fair to say now that even the lowest cost cars on the market or come with air conditioning. There really is only one thing to take from that, and it is that air conditioning has become a necessity, something that people just can’t live without, It’s not about price or prestige anymore.

The Japanese however have taken it one step further. Not only are their cars as cool and comfortable as their offices, and their homes and living areas have become a serene relaxing environment. But they have also now provided an air conditioning solution into their clothing!!

Read More about it HERE!

That’s right, the Japanese have developed trousers and even jackets do have a small air conditioning type found within them, that creates positive ventilation to allow the skin to breathe and any hot air to escape.

About 5 years ago when commercial air conditioning and home air conditioning in the UK became really big, I said to college that in a few years at conditioning would be absolutely everywhere. to be completely honest, I wasn’t exactly banking on fully air conditioned clothing. this is something that you by surprise. who knows, what’s the next thing to be air-conditioned?

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