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Increased energy efficiency being blamed for increased energy usage

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, they documented that the increased level of energy efficiency of equipment such as air conditioning has caused the rise for energy consuming equipment to become more popular, and therefore use more the valuable energy resources that we rely on everyday.

This makes complete sense in so many ways, air conditioning as well as every other mechanical piece of engineering has indeed, improved his energy efficiency over the past 40 years. Therefore, making it more available to the domestic and commercial population.

Although, if you think about it over the past 40 years everything has improved and, everything has increased. There are more people, more houses, more airplanes. Simply put, there is more of everything. Trying to grab one piece of technology and blaming it for the increased level of energy usage seems absurd. On the same note, we could even say, ” increased energy usage is because of the increased population and the social expectancy of how many pairs of shoes each personĀ  should own”. This then puts the increased demand on the manufacturing plant which makes the shoes and therefore uses more energy. We could go on forever here talking about different ways energy is now being used more than ever. But simply, it comes down to the growth of population and economy and I suppose we could call it evolution.

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