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Keep Heating and Cooling Costs Low at the Office

Running an office is never easy. Balancing the business, your employees, and the building is difficult enough, but trying to do all of this while keeping your overhead costs low can seem impossible. Luckily, there are easy ways to save money behind the scenes that take very little effort if any at all. By improving the energy efficiency of the heating and cooling systems, you can keep costs low month after month and use the savings to invest in the success of your business. These tips are simple to implement and could save your office hundreds of dollars every year.

5 Tips to Improve Energy Efficiency at the Office:

  1. Sign Up for a Maintenance Program: Regularly maintaining your equipment will not only help it run more efficiently but it will also help prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns. Remembering to schedule a maintenance check is a hassle, but a maintenance contract with your local heating and cooling professional will make cleaning your equipment easy and affordable.


  1. Change Filters Regularly: Many types of heating and cooling systems clean the air as it circulates through the system. The filter that collects the dust and particles from the air needs to be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis in order to ensure good air quality and energy efficient operation of your heating and cooling system. Plugged up filters restrict air flow and this will result in inefficient operation and possibly even a system failure. Figure out which type of filter your system uses and keep a stock of backup filters for easy replacement.


  1. Purchase High Efficiency Systems: If the units operating in your building are extremely old and in need of replacement, choose high efficiency replacement systems instead of the bargain units. You may have to invest a little more out of pocket initially, but the savings on your energy costs will quickly pay off the difference. These systems are also environmentally responsible because they use energy in a way that keeps waste at a minimum.


  1. Setting the Thermostats: Temperature wars are common in office buildings. One employee likes it hot while the other likes it icy cold and all the while your energy cost skyrocket. Stop the constant ups and downs and program the thermostat to the most energy efficient temperature possible. The higher you set it in the summer and the lower you set it in the winter the more money you will save. Also, consider turning back the thermostat even further when the building is empty, so that you don’t waste large amounts of money heating and cooling unoccupied spaces.


  1. Fans for Summer and Sweaters for Winter: When you control the temperature, employees may complain. Therefore, you need to make some accommodations to ensure their comfort while they work. Providing fans and encouraging employees to wear sweaters will keep them comfortable without hitting you where it hurts: your wallet.

Implement these tips in your office and you will begin to notice a difference in your energy costs without sacrificing your comfort or the comfort of your employees. A local heating and cooling professional can help you get on top of your maintenance needs and recommend the perfect system for specific application. So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting and start saving today!

Guest Author: Kate Miller

Kate Miller is a content writer for Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning out of Chicago, IL. Her blogs focus mainly on heating and cooling topics, but she also writes on plumbing, energy efficiency, and home improvement topics as well. Check out her blog: 24 Hour Heating and Cooling News.

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