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Life without air conditioning

Can you think of surviving without air conditioning in today’s world? Can you imagine surviving the freezing winters and annoying humidity and heat during summer? Well the answer is no. It is absolutely impossible to stay without air conditioning running whole day during summer for a cooling and soothing environment. These amazing units also work towards providing warm air during winter. The concept of air conditioning has really made life comfortable.

Air conditioning is known to be a technique that regulates the air to provide users with a comfortable environment. Four basic physical properties are controlled I air conditioning. These include air temperature, relative humidity, air motion and circulation. Controlling of all these properties is crucial for providing a comfortable environment for the user. Certain units also work towards controlling other properties such as air pressure and odor.

Control of air temperature in the process of air conditioning includes cooling as well as heating methods. There are several applications that can be facilitated by air conditioning. A large number of customers are attracted to businesses with air conditioning during summer. These businesses include theatres, shops, restaurants etc. Transportation facilities also require air conditioning. This makes it easy for people to travel.

Huge industrial establishments also require keeping temperature under control. This also helps in keeping the air pure and increases the quality of products and efficiency of employees. The development of air conditioning for summer and winter was started in order to provide a comfortable life to users. In earlier days, this was considered to be a luxury and used by only the wealthy people of the society. However, today, it has become a necessity and is used by the whole world.

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