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Loans To Replace Air Conditioning And Other Energy Saving Products

Do you have an old air conditioning system that needs to be replaced? Is the current air conditioning system a burden to have running due to its high running costs?

If i wold you that grant were available to pay for new more energy saving equipment, where you only pay back what you save in energy! Sounds to good to be true? Well its not. The Carbon Trust have collaborated with Siemans Finance to create a scheme for business to invest in energy saving equipment and only pay back what you would have spend anyway. Of course, once the capital sum is paid off you can then fully enjoy your new equipment and reap the rewards from the running costs. Also the scheme has been set up with simplicity in mind. With the loans being offered from £1000 to virtually no upper limit and approval within 10-20 days the carbon trust really has set up a fantastic plan with Siemans.

Why This Energy Efficiency Financing makes business sense:

  • Convenient and fast – arranged through your chosen recognised Energy Efficiency Financing supplier
  • Affordable – designed so that financing payments are offset against the anticipated energy savings
  • Flexible – payments can be tailored for individual circumstances
  • Easier budgeting – payments are fixed, not subject to fluctuations in interest rates
  • Maintains existing credit lines
  • Tax efficient – payments may be offset against tax, depending on individual circumstances
  • Future proofed – allows the flexibility to change with your business requirements
  • Conserves working capital – the flexibility to conserve your existing working capital for other business projects

The scheme is so readily available that even if you were not thinking of replacing your old equipment, it now makes more sense than ever to get the ball rolling does it not? Having a loan to replace old equipment that is only paid back by the savings in running costs. Once paid your financially better off every month. And it’s all tax deductible too.

Call Service Group 365 today to find out how you can benefit from this fantastic incentive right now. 0845 5193650

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