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London Air Conditioning Servicing

Our summer has finally started and it looks like it is here to stay. With temperatures reaching well into the 20 and high humidity, London air conditioning is in great demand and it is easy to see why.

London air conditioning companies are finding it difficult to keep up with all the service call outs and new installations, many having over a weeks back log of work.

Many air conditioning service calls are a common cause of air conditioning maintenance or lack of.

If your air conditioning system has broken down and you are feeling the heat there are a couple of quick checks you can carry out yourself before consulting a specialist.

Indoor unit – switch the unit off and isolate the electrical supply. Lift the front cover, there should be couple of filters that you can carefully remove and dust down. If you have a condensate pump installed with your system you can test it by slowly pouring a small cup of water down the coil once the filters have been removed.

Outdoor unit – switch the unit off and isolate the electrical supply. Have a quick walk round the unit and make sure the condenser is clear from any leaves or rubbish.

Once you have carried out these simple checks you can switch your air conditioning system back on and see the benefits. However you should still contact an air conditioning specialist to carry out a full maintenance and health check to make sure your system is and will be in good working order for years to come.

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