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Londoners are Sweltering In the Heat

The heart of London is one of the biggest financial centres in the whole world, people travel to see its vastness and simply watch the rate and pace the Londoners are working, communicating and travelling. Being one of the epicentres of financial systems, trades and businesses comes at a price for those who work in London.

The heat endured by Londoners whilst they work is in so many ways absolutely unbearable. The vast majority of workers swelter as they wear suits and other smartly presented clothes to work and business meetings. None of which are conducive to feeling comfortable and cool,  especially as most of the buildings in London are old and grade listed buildings which do not contain any levels of air conditioning.

As this heat has been an issue for Londoners for quite some time, the local councils are becoming more lenient in where there are enabling businesses to have air conditioning in London. thankfully this is reducing the amount of time off their employees are having due to illnesses, sickness and heat exhaustion.

Air conditioning is the quickest and easiest way to keep cool during his warm summer months. Also, air conditioning needs to be looked at in a way of an investment rather than a luxury or perk. If you’re working or living in an air-conditioned environment not only will you perform better but you will also feel better, more calmer and more relaxed. If you could think away to invest in your own well-being to allow you to feel more calmer and more relaxed, would you do so?

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