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London’s Air Conditioning the Tube

Finally, the day has come. There will be fewer sweaty Londoners from now on the the London tube network is getting their trains air conditioned.

The London tube network has been around since 1863 with the first electric trains taking to the tracks in 1890. Despite the the world renown name “London Underground” actually 55% of it is above ground.

The Problems however come from the Underground part. This is a place with very little space and an average daily commutator rate of 4 Million!! That’s alot of people, and if you have used the London underground you would recognise, that thouse people leads to a lot of heat.

The Solution: Even though the London Underground has been open for over 135 years it is only now that the trains are getting fitted with the well needed air conditioning, making traveling one of the world largest underground rail networks a little more pleasurable. Traveling in London now Air Conditioned.

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