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Luton Air Conditioning

Luton air conditioning is a steady process due to the effects of weather changes in the area especially during summer. The warming influence of the Gulf Stream makes air conditioning a necessity for this region. Once installed, it is very necessary to make sure that the air conditioning unit works efficiently. This is possible only if the user focuses on the maintenance of air conditioning units.

Proper maintenance of air conditioning unit is not a difficult task at all. All one requires doing is to consider some basic things. Proper maintenance of the units can enhance their functioning. Regular check up is the most basic & critical thing to do when carrying out maintenance of these units.

A complete Luton air conditioning check-up will include the following steps:

Step one

Analyze the refrigerant (Freon) levels. If the levels are lower than normal range, check out for any leaks. It is important for the leaks to be repaired in timely manner to avoid refilling more refrigerant.

Step two

Analyze carefully all the electrical components & controls.

Step three

Clean condenser coil & evaporator if required.

Step four

Oil & lubricate machines.

Step five

Calibrate the thermostat properly.

Step six

Make sure that the condenser is functioning properly.

Step seven

Examine the filter regularly for any dirt depositions.

Step eight

Ensure proper draining of condensate tube.

Step nine

You need to keep potential obstructions away from condenser units such as plants, hanging objects, further & curtains.

Step ten

Clean your duct through professionals once in a year.

Step eleven

Adjust the thermostat on cooling mode.

Step twelve

Keep the filter clean especially in summer.

Following all the steps stated above will ensure proper maintenance of Luton air conditioning units.

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