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Maintaining Air Conditioning

It goes without saying, if you look after things they last longer. This applies to your air conditioning system too. If you invest the money into having air conditioning installed you want it for the long haul, right?  It is very important to use professional technicians to carry out routine maintenance checks on your air conditioning system.

If you do not maintain your air conditioning system properly, the unit loses about 5% of its efficiency every year. Research shows by having an air conditioning maintenance program in place with regular checks you can expect 95% of you air conditioning systems original efficiency throughout its life.

By keeping up with your maintenance checks you will ensure you have a full working and efficient system, saving you money in the long term with low running costs. This in turn can recover most of the cost of your annual air conditioning maintenance contract, while avoiding any costly repairs.

Basic maintenance check list should include:

  • Checking compressor electrically
  • Cleaning the condenser coil
  • Oiling of fan motors
  • Check and clean all condensate drains
  • Clean and wash evaporator coil
  • Clean all filters
  • Leak check
  • Temperature probe calibration

It is always advisable to keep up with your air conditioning maintenance program from the moment you get your air conditioning installation to ensure you get the maximum performance, maximum life expectancy and a safe energy efficient system.

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