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Maintenance and Service agreements

For the most of us we have become widely accepting to the ever growing nature of maintenance contracts and service agreements. They seems to be popping up everywhere, maintenance contracts for you alarm system, fire extinguishers, cars, buildings, electric and gas systems. They are everywhere.

But do we really need then? and one of the main reason we are sold then is to reduce costs and ensure the equipment last for a long time. Do they really do that?

Air Conditioning Maintenance engineer

After researching the types of maintenance contracts and service agreements which are being sold, it has become very apparent that those contracts which were looking after equipment which are subject to heat, had a number of moving parts and had a electrical and mechanical parts, were in fact offering a contract which is that of a preventative basis, and the end user would make considerable savings and ensure the life of their equipment simply by having a maintenance contract.

The biggest uncertainty about the benefits and maintenance contract will have, has been brought into light by the sometimes poor standards of the engineers carrying out the work. This is by no means a reason not to have a contract, you would simply be “cutting your nose off to spite your face”. The very best safe guard when choosing a maintenance company is to ask the company who will be carrying out the maintenance program to document all finding during the maintenance, and wherever possible avoid the dreaded tick sheets.

At Air Con 365 we provide all of our clients with the very best Air Conditioning Maintenance program available within the industry. Our workmanship and industry knowledge is what has lead us to become proud of our customer retention rate.

If you’re unsure exactly how well your air conditioning equipment is being maintained, and would like to have a more in depth knowledge about you equipment, them please feel free to contact Air Con 365 for a free no obligation maintenance quotation.

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