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Maintenance During the Autumn Months Are as Important as Spring

For most companies who have a planned air conditioning maintenance agreement place with the correct amount of scheduled visits per year, the actual time of each visit does not hold you much importance as long as they are equally spaced. For all of the air conditioning systems that do not have a plan in place then the timing of each visit becomes very important.

Maintenance During the Spring

It makes absolute sense that all air conditioning systems are maintained during the spring months. Summer is most certainly coming and the weeks are warmer as each one passes. The hotter weather is most definitely approaching and ensuring that your air conditioning system is running to its most optimum during these times is without a doubt, essential.

Air Conditioning Maintenance During Autumn

Now this one isn’t quite so obvious. The majority of companies use their air conditioning system only for cooling during the summer, stuffier months. However a rising number of people use their air conditioning all year round now that the technology in air conditioning now allows the systems to provide extremely efficient heating to all areas too. As well as the heating reason, having the system maintained during the autumn months refreshes the system after such a grueling few months.

What are the Benefits?

Without a correct maintenance or air conditioning service plan in place the air conditioning systems soon become an efficient way to bleed money through electricity costs. A poorly maintained system will most definitely increase the amount of energy it uses and in cases we have tested the operational capacity is reduced by up to 80%!!

On this note the only obvious tangible benefit is the cost but there are obviously more which include, reliability, longevity, cleanliness and the added comfort of the system working and controlling correctly.


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