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Maintenance for server room air conditioning

Maintenance for Computer Server room Air conditioning

If your company has a computer server room or data centre you’ll probably be aware that it is a place of great security and importance. The data centre holds all of your company information and without it your company would not function.

So you have your data centre / server room and all of your data is in-house and safe! As long as you keep it nice and cool!

Data centre air conditioning is probably the most important room you need to focus on as far as cooling requirements go.

What can you do to ensure the data centre is at the right temperature?

Have multiple units installed. This way you always have a back up if one fails

Have the room designed correctly. This is the most important. Humidity as well as heat is also a concern to your data.

Ensure you have a sufficient air conditioning maintenance plan in place. In most cases quarterly visits ensure the most peace of mind.

Use a company who understands how important your data is to you.

When choosing a quality company for your air conditioning remember, “buy cheap, buy twice” just like a bin bag that needs to doubled up!

Air conditioning maintenance is not only to ensure longevity of the equipment but it is also a legal requirement under F Gas.

Get this part right first time and ensure your peace of mind.

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