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More Air Conditioning are Now Installed in the Winter Than Ever Before

Over the past 15 to 20 years air conditioning has only been known for its cooling benefits.  it’s almost laughable that some companies or domestic properties would have air conditioning systems installed in the UK.  the main reason for this is simply down to the unpredictable and mostly cool climates that the UK is most known for. However, more air conditioning units are now being installed in the winter than ever before!

Why install air conditioning in the winter?

Although growing in popularity, it is still mostly  considered that air conditioning is simply for cooling purposes.  this is now absolutely not the case. Air-conditioning systems now have a function to heat as well as cool.  Making air conditioning systems the number 1 choice for anybody looking to be able to control their climate inside.

In so many cases people will simply carry on using what they have known for so long.  Gas powered boilers connected to radiators. it’s fair to say that these have been fairly reliable over the years so why change?  One of the major reasons is the fact that an air conditioning system, also known as a “heat pump”, is not only a faster and more efficient way to heat but it’s also more controllable too.

Where can air conditioning systems be fitted to heat?

Again, anywhere that a standard heater or radiator would have been installed then an air conditioning system can take its place but will perform in a far more efficient manner.  as there are a number of manufacturers creating these air conditioning systems to be installed in various locations, then they really have all their finger out as far as design goes.  There are air conditioning systems now which can be installed and will be completely discreet and silent.   some manufacturers have even gone as far as creating air-conditioning systems that actually look like pictures or mirrors.  Not only is the technology far superior but now heating systems are also becoming aesthetically pleasing, something other heating equipment has yet to achieve.  Apart from an inglenook fireplace of course!

Why don’t all homes and offices have air conditioning and heating currently?

It is really just a matter of time, as with anything it needs a break-in period.  In just the same way that air conditioning was 1st launched in luxury only cars, and then slowly worked its way even into the lower base models, time is the only thing that is restricting this new technology in all buildings.  also, as it’s a fairly new technology they are still making rapid advancements and making the energy efficiency of products even greater.  It’s a matter of Moore’s Law and the supposed there just waiting for it to reach its climactic peak so that the benefits will be obvious for everyone, whether they are replacing old equipment or installing new.



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