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Office air conditioning Is it making your employees sick

Office air conditioning has become an important part of every business, these days. Employers have realized the importance of installing air conditioners in their premises and hence, they are not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to keeping the environment cool and employees happy. However, are you sure that the air conditioning unit you have installed in the office is not making your employees sick?

Well, this may sound a little strange but it is true that installing air conditioning may sometimes result in hazards for employee’s health.

Here are certain facts related to this:

  • Mold: This is one of the most common reasons for people getting sick. Once can easily inhale mold colonies that are microscopic in size while breathing. This may lead in to a wide variety of sinus and respiratory problems mold infections result in serious and chronic health problems. It is necessary to keep the air flow around us clean and pure. This can be done via focusing on maintenance of air conditioning unit regularly.
  • Mold in AC vents: Your office cleaning staff may be very efficient in keeping the office and air conditions unit clean. However, HVAC vent is prone to catching mold quickly which is circulated in the air you breathe in. this is what becomes very serious health problems for your staff. You must sign a contract with professionals to maintain your HVAC system. These are individuals that have gained years of experience and mastery over keeping the air conditioning vents clean. Also make sure that you replace air conditioning filters on a regular basis professional and regular cleaning of ductwork is the best and only solution for keeping it mold free.

Portable air conditioning units are quite safe when it comes to keeping your employees in a healthy state. These take less space and do not allow mold to grow. You can also keep moving these units from one place to another according to your convenience.

Proper and professional maintenance of air conditioning units is very important on a regular basis to keep your employees and staff in a healthy state. These services may be a bit costly but save a lot of money on medical bills later. You will also enjoy consistent work in your office as your employees will not be on sick leave.

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