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Other Ways To Heat This Winter Without Your Boiler

As we step outside we can quickly realise that autumn has officially arrived. The frost on the windows and the extra layers as things we are all experiencing as this miserable weather sets in once again, as well as the cold weather the rising fuels costs further adds to the misery of turning on your heating.

There is another way you know that is far more cost effective and will save you money. No longer do you  have to rely on fossil fuels to warm your building and keep warm in the winter. Air Conditioning manufacturers have found the answer, there system now allow you to have the same fast acting comfort during the winter months as you do during the summer ones. Their system will provide you internal heat even when temperature plummet below -20C all using air source heat pump technology. There is no relying on sun light or big wind turbines as with other renewable energy sources, as it simply absorbs heat from the outside air.

Air-source heat pumps air conditioning systems can be used to heat radiators, fan coils, under-floor heating systems, warm air convectors and even for hot water.

As well as lower fuel bills with this fantastic technology the level of comfort is far superior that conventional systems due the advanced control systems. This really is the technology for the future and without doubt will be installed into all new build and refurbished properties worldwide.

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