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Prison Air Conditioning

Prison air conditioning may be something that has not been considered seriously by the authorities. Besides the basic necessities, providing air conditioning facilities to prison inmates has not been considered very seriously. The reason is simple. Authorities do not think that the prisoners require comfort and do not realize their rights to live in a comfortable environment. However, the fact is that providing a comfortable temperature and environment to live in is very important to make sure that the prisoners turn out to be better and civilized human beings once out of the jail.

A comfortable and soothing environment tends to provide good impact on a person’s mind. The basic purpose of putting a criminal behind the bars besides punishing him is to provide him or her a chance to become a better person. However, over heated environment or chilling atmosphere may not make the inmate feel comfortable. This may also be a hurdle in making him a better person and changing his personality for good.

There are several benefits of installing air conditioning units in prison. One of the main benefits is that the inmates will get a chance to live in a comfortable environment and focus on various tasks assigned to them in jail. This also reduces the risks of various health hazards that inmates are usually vulnerable in jail due to the compact cell, unhygienic conditions and dingy environment. Air conditioning is also helpful in providing clean and pure air to the inmates.

Another benefit is for the employees of the prison. They can easily focus on their job and maintain their level of performance. The whole environment of the prison can be maintained well which will be favorable for both inmates and employees, keeping stress and anger levels to a minimum.

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