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Quiet Present Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning systems are known to be one of the supreme inventions of all time. This superb electrical appliance offer breezy and comfortable indoor environment during the hot and warm summer days. These remarkable devices also function towards purifying and dehumidifying the room offering a soothing comfort. These days, there are several companies that manufacture air conditioning units. These units provide amazing benefits to users. However, some of these tend to make noise. This is also one of the reasons that companies have been focusing on manufacturing air conditioning units that operate silently.

These days, air conditioners work well without being heard. The companies have refined all moving components in a fashion that result in quieter operation.

The indoor units are equipped with a multi-angled heat exchanger. This exchanger consists of uniquely shaped fins designed specifically to minimize resistance of airflow. It also consists of a wider fan diameter that offers a larger airflow when operating at lower speeds. Elimination of air-resistance and motor noises has resulted in ultra-silent operation that is as low as 21dB.

Advancement of technology has also facilitated in reducing noise of outdoor units. These units feature unique fan blade and grille designs. This supplies less air resistance and superior noise reduction. A unique industry-first low-noise mode function has also been included that automatically activates once the temperature outdoor falls. This further cuts operating noise by about 3dB when in use.

Air conditioning systems have been configured with a timer or selection switch to use the unique ‘Low-noise Priority Function’. Once switched on, the outdoor unit runs in a low-noise priority mode.

Refrigerant condensed in the outdoor unit is also sub-cooled in a heat-exchange procedure with low-temperature refrigerant in the accumulator. This process makes the refrigerant reach the LEVs (linear expansion valves) in its best state even if the branch box is situated far from the outdoor unit. This results in reduction of refrigerant noise at the LEVs. The distribution to each indoor unit is optimized, and loss of pressure loss due to long piping length is highly reduced.

All of the “techno-babble” aside and air conditioning really has come along way.

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