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Recent Project March 2013 Heat Recovery Ventilation

Service Group 365 has recently completed and commissioned project regarding heat recovery ventilation in Bletchley Milton Keynes. The client asked us to create a heat recovery system which will allow fresh air to brought in from outside and then heated using stale air from inside. This type of heat recovery ventilation system is extremely efficient, very effective and most of all will create a comfortable environment for the mosque.

How long has this technology been available?

Heat recovery ventilation has been installed in many places for years, however the efficiency of the heat recovery system has not been anywhere near to the standard that it is today. Heat recovery ventilation really means that while ventilating your building you will not simply be wasting all of the heat inside and then having the additional cost of heating the cold air from outside, for the simple purposes of providing fresh air.

As well as creating comfort within the building the heat recovery ventilation system will also allow the building to qualify for far better energy rating, which will know nowadays is extremely important. And with the constant increases in energy costs any technology which saves energy is an absolute must.

What types of areas can have heat recovery ventilation?

Thankfully, manufacturers have come to realise that this fantastic technology really should be available to just about anyone. They are now creating heat recovery ventilation systems that will fit perfectly into any house as well as any large manufacturing plant or warehouse, they really are no limitations and increased comfort and saved energy will be seen regardless of where it is installed.

Why aren’t heat recovery ventilation systems installed at home?

As with any technology, it comes at a cost. And that cost is usually justified by necessity or request. however, as heat recovery ventilation is not particularly well-known them for a builder to add the additional cost on their home which would include heat recovery ventilation would simply pass over most people’s heads.  It’s a cost that people will not be to justify in their minds because they do not understand how it works, or why they need it now when they have never had it.

 When will heat recovery ventilation be installed in all homes as standard?

Certainly not in 2013, however, it is certainly on the increase. Another recent project we have carried out installing air conditioning into a large home in Rickmansworth also had a separate heat recovery ventilation system.  I will explain in my next post the benefits of having an air conditioning system and the heat recovery ventilation system installed within your home that work in harmony.

Apart from energy-saving what are the other benefits of heat recovery ventilation?

the systems will without doubt be sold on the fact that they are so energy-efficient. more than that though correctly ventilated building will also allow its occupants to feel more fresh and positive. Stale stagnant air is so potentially poisonous that in the commercial industry it has been given its own name. SBS  sick building syndrome. You can read more about that here! so apart from not getting sick as often, clearing out bugs and viruses from your home more quickly and feeling more positive you will also save money and be more comfortable too.

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