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Reducing Maintenance Visits Increases Costs

I know you’re sick and tired of hearing about the credit crunch and its affects on the country and spending habits, but its without doubt that costs need to be cut, business is slower and money needs to be saved where possible.

One of the first obvious places people start is cost cutting. Which are the areas of the business that have cost but you don’t see any obvious benefits? The simple answer is always maintenance and service packages.

Service Group 365 has seen this trend happening with some of its clients too. There have been 2 cases where a company has opted for 2 visits per year instead of the usual 3. “Brilliant”! Thought the procurement department, an instant 33% saving. If everything was that easy the credit crunch would be a simple way to inspire people to create a more lean company.

However the obvious twist came 3 and 5 weeks after their decisions to opt out of the additional Pre Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance. Surely enough the UK experienced a mini heat wave, temperatures soared to nearly 30C and the air conditioning installation within the buildings begun to struggle! 1 of the systems was in a computer server room. The room was absolutely critical to the business and it was at breaking point. Thankfully because they had a service agreement with Service Group 365 an engineer was with them the very same day. It turns out that an adjacent building was having works done and the brick dust and debris had blocked all of the condenser causing them to over heat. Thankfully a clean was all that was required, the costs associated though meant that they would have been better off financially the keep the extra maintenance visit.

The other client had a rodent problem. This would have been picked up on the maintenance, however because the visit was missed all of the electrics within the main external unit were damaged. The costs the repair and replace this would have definitely been reduced had the maintenance been done. Plus they would not have had the stress and the down time.

Maintenance is in place for a reason. Keep your air conditioning service package in place, cost cutting here is most definitely “false economy”!


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