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Refrigerant Recovery Service and Disposal

Service Group 365 are now proud to offer a complete refrigerant recovery services. This has become more and more important over the past few year due to the legislation around the safe recovery and disposal of refrigerants.

Whether you have a small air conditioning systems or a roof top full of water chillers that need to be de-commissioned, Service Group 365 can help you on any refrigerant removal process.

We have recently been accepted as a Refcom approved company. This means an industry bodies approves and recognises that Service Group 365 are able and capable to remove and handle all types of refrigerants.

Our recovery service is available all over the country, however most of the works we undertake is in London and the home counties. Wherever you are in the country give us a call to talk about your requirements. We will always be able to assist you in your project. Making refrigerant recovery and disposal a breeze for you.

Once we have complete the recovery process we will get the refrigerant disposed and issue you will all of the correct and mandatory paperwork to show that all of the waste refrigerant was disposed of in the correct manner.

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