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Registered Refcom Air Conditioning Installers

Installing air conditioners in residences and work places has become a common practice these days. In fact, a lot of people like to install these systems in their homes & offices to make these better areas to stay in. unfortunately. Most people are unaware of the importance of using registered Refcom air conditioning installers. They are not aware of the immense benefits of availing licensing for air conditioning installers.

For several years, the electrical safety office has been raising awareness of the significance of trusting qualified tradesmen when it comes to installing air conditioners. In just the same way Corgi does with Gas.

It is only recently that a new licensing system for the refrigeration & air conditioning came in to effect in the industry.

According to the law, all processes of refrigerant gas handling as well as gas pipe connection task in conjunction with installation need to be undertaken by one who holds a refrigerant handling Licence.

Using a Licensed air conditioners installer is a guarantee of a acquiring top-quality consumer protection safeguards. It also guarantees appropriate consumer protection insurance.

You can also enjoy guarantee related to appropriate installation of air conditioning in your room. This further enhances the performance of the unit and also saves you a lot of money on energy bills and also give you the peace of mind that the air conditioning is being maintained properly too..

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