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Schools in Australia to be built without air conditioning

That’s right, that wasn’t a typo. We all know Australia’s be one of the hottest geographical places on the planet however, the Australian state Board of Education for some reason decided to limit the number of air conditioning systems that are being installed in new school buildings and even existing classrooms. This is a new policy has been brought into line with other cost saving solutions and these include reducing the schools overall resources and limiting costs in new infrastructure going forward.

It is extremely common that temperatures within the states of Australia can vary, however, with occasional summer temperatures widget reaching well above 40° C. And the hottest ever on record in Western Australia being 50.5° C. this was measured back in February 1998 in the states tropical northern section. While the moment the state capital Perth, enjoys almost perfect moderate climate, the classrooms within states tropical and arid deserts will often experience extreme temperatures.

Yet a larger number of classes are still lacking a suitable and adequate air-conditioning system.  10 years from now, I wonder whether they’ll rethink their decision due to loss of school days from it simply being too warm to learn, or even an influx in teachers being off through stress and other heat exacerbated illnesses?

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