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Server Room Air Conditioning

Service Group 365 provides a full Server Room Air Conditioning Packages to clients throughout the UK.

Server room air conditioning

The solutions we offer for IT, server rooms and data centers are always fixed and fully designed systems, ensuring your biggest asset it well protected. your company data and information.

What types of areas do our close control air conditioning systems cover?

  • Communication Rooms
  • Military Back Up Support Rooms
  • Financial Trading Data Centers
  • UPS and Electrical Switch Rooms

What ever the area or application we will have the cooling solution that is right for you in every way. From budget to longevity your requirements is what sets the tone for the project, advised by experts along the way and during every stage.

When it come to Server Room Air Conditioning, what is it that is the most important to you? Really think about this before embarking on the project, this will dramatically assist the design process and ensure you end goal is achieved.

The options are endless to you and there’s no need to get bogged down with the technical terms, that’s our job for you, and to make every step simple to follow and easy to understand we’ll breakdown the jargon and deliver a solution which will meet all expectations.

Service Group 365 would always advise in the following when investing in server room air conditioning:

  • Tamper proof air conditioning (Prevent accidents)
  • At least 50% capacity back up
  • UPS for A/C if the servers are critical too
  • Use one the the top manufacturers to ensure quality and reliability
  • A maintenance package for the systems installed

Call us today to receive and proposal and site survey, where you will be shown examples and demonstrations for how best to keep your data safe and protected.

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