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Server Room and Data Center Air Conditioning

With the up rise in technology and the constant demand for more in the terms of, more power, more space and more storage comes the demand for more cooling as the temperature rises within.

Server room air conditioning

What are some of the effects of poor cooling?

All of the equipment within a server room gives off heat. Most servers and panels have fans to circulate the air around the vital components. Fans Generate Heat! The warmer the servers get the harder they work and the harder they work the hotter they will get. With the only outcome being the systems shutting down and even data loss. This is really not a good when you consider the consequences of a server room or data center crash.

What can be done to prevent this?

Air Conditioning in a server room provides the correct controlled temperature all year round, a conditioned environment which is conducive to a healthy and long lasting data center. Another factor to consider when air conditioning your server room is, if the air conditioning unit breaks down, as every single piece of mechanical equipment does at some point, what is the effect if the servers go down temporarily? This is obviously not something anyone wants. In order to mitigate and risk of server failure due to the computers over heating Air Con 365 always advises having back up systems which allows for air conditioning breakdowns. There are a number of ways the systems can be installed, and at Air Con 365 we will always advise you for the best solution to suit your requirements.

Humidity in Server Rooms

This seems a little strange in itself, but having the correct humidity with the server room or data center is an absolute must. The implications of the relative humidity falling below 40% will greatly add to the risk of static. Static and shock are one of the biggest causes to lost data within server room. Losing your mobile phone is bad enough, losing a few months worth of accounts, data, reports and such like would be incalculable.

If you have a server room or data center which is in need of air conditioning, select the company you choose for the project wisly. Never has the saying “buy cheap, buy twice” been more applicable.

Find out more about Server Room Air Conditioning

If you have any questions about server room air conditioning please call Air Con 365 for more details. Whether you want to install a new system or need your existing air conditioning system maintaining, we will have the answers to your questions.

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