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Snow covering 90% of Britain who need air conditioning

It has been predicted that the UK is about to receive up to 6 inches of snow over the next week. There is also a chance experts say, that this snowfall and heavy snow warnings has the potential to affect 90% of Britain over the next three weeks. Gas companies are on high alert as at least 50% of homes in the UK use natural gas to supply their heating and hot water.

So who needs air-conditioning?

Those companies and households fortunate enough to have an air conditioning system as their preferred heating option will certainly notice the benefits when those bills come running in.

Heating with air conditioning is actually one of the cheapest, most efficient forms of heating on the planet. It’s only recently, say within the past five years that air conditioning has really made a stand against other heating technologies, all the stops have been pulled out and every last bit of efficiency has been dragged out of the air conditioning unit, to make them now one of the most efficient ways of heating your home or building.

If you’re thinking of a new heating system at home or at your office certainly consider the effects that air conditioning would have on the benefits that go hand-in-hand. Not only is extremely efficient, but it’s also very quick. This is just another benefit when you arrive at home or work to find a room is freezing cold, and with a flick of a switch of three or 4 min you’re now warm.

So, snow covering 90% of Britain who needs air-conditioning?


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