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Spa Air Conditioning

Running a beauty spa can be quite stressful at times considering you are trying to keep a calm and tranquil atmosphere, so being able to control the air quality and temperature in your spa / salon should be very important to you and your clients.

Most clients tend to be undressed a lot of the time, so it is imperative to keep the air temperature at a comfortable content level within the treatment areas as well as the greeting areas. (Reception).

Being able to control not just the ambiance, but also the climate, enables you and your clients to always feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease no matter what the weather is outside.

It is fairly obvious that a constantly comfortable salon / spa promotes less stress and a happier environment, which in turn gives higher productivity, happier staff and even better,  you will retain clients and encourage future visits

Once you have had your air conditioning installation completed you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner, plus the system is up to 66% more efficient than standard electric heating.

It’s important to keep your air conditioning maintained so “air conditioning maintenance” should be carried out a couple of times a year, its very cost effective and  is small price to pay to have total control of your climate and happier clientele.

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