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Split Air Conditioning Top selling units for your home

Split air conditioners are known to offer ideal solution for you when it comes to keeping your home cool and humidity free split air conditioners are available in varied shapes, sizes, Styles and prices. In case, you are on a hunt for the best air conditioning unit (split) for your home or office, you need to look for the most reputed companies that have been selling these units to customers for a long time now. Considering a thorough research on various companies and reviews will also work well for you.

What is a split air conditioner?

A spilt air conditioner is system with 2 separate parts, 1 internal and 1 external. you then have the 2 systems connected via power cables, suction tubing refrigerant tubing and condensate drain.

There are several benefits of having a spilt air con unit. These are available in smaller sizes. This makes them perfect for use in smaller spaces. These units also offer great flexibility such as cooling and heating a room as required. The best part is that these systems operate silently. You can enjoy silent air conditioning with split air conditioners which is very rare in most units available these days. However you would find only a few best selling air can units that have received fabulous reviews.

Here is a run down of some of the most popular and reputed companies selling air conditioning units and models.

  • Haier: This is one of the most popular air conditioning unit companies. The ESAD4066 is a fabulous model. It utilizes no ozone damaging chemicals. The model is energy efficient when compared to other units available on the market. It comes with a remote control so that you have an easy control over switches and features. It has also been equipped with dehumidifier. The three fan speeds makes sure that your room stays cool.
  • LG: They have been long associated with manufacturing air conditioning units. The LG092CE is a fantastic model. You can rely on it completely for all your summer cooling requirements. It is basically air out door system consisting of an inside air handler. It is clean and extremely attractive.

  • Friedrich: The Company is widely known for introducing fabulous air conditioning units. The M300f is a reliable split system. It is energy efficient and flexible.

  • Mitsubishi: If you are looking for the best, make sure you go for the MS- A09WF from this company. It has 13EER as energy star rating which is really high.

  • Amcor: Consider this fabulous compressor air con unit. It is a superb purchase!

Always allow the contractor who is installing your air conditioning to purchase the air conditioning equipment as they will be able to offer you all of the correct warranties once the systems have been installed.

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