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The Future of Domestic Air Conditioning and Sustainability

A few years from now, I’d imagine the all new homes built would have their heating source from air source heat pump, which is taking its technologies from the air conditioning industry. Using gas boilers for   heating is really archaic and we quickly running out of options because of the limited gas supplies available. fortunately the answer does lie in air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps use electricity generator compressor in the same way an air conditioning unit works, however, rather than expelling the warm air outside it uses this in a heat exchange format to generate heat and hot water and radiators or other types of heat exchangers.

Another major benefit to using air source heat pumps is the fact that they are easily coupled to solar voltaic panels which will provide free electricity to your heating system. it is only a matter of time until all builders of new homes  catch on to the technologies which are now available. heating which comes from an air source heat pump. cooling from an air conditioning unit, and while the air conditioning unit is running the heat that would normally be expelled would be used to heat the water. and the energy generated for all of this would come from solar panels. this would mean that the homes would be extremely energy-efficient and very reliable.

The levels of reliability are also greatly improved by having the correct service contracts and are just the same way people need air conditioning maintenance contract in place, then the correct contracts to ensure longevity would also be required.

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