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The Real Cost Benefits of an Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance like a maintenance plans can sometimes seem like a bit of a waste of money.  maintenance, to most people in expenditure on which they are not able to see any actual return.  there are a number of speculative ways to calculate the return on investment however, the true cost and understanding whether a maintenance plan is worth it can sometimes be difficult decision.

It goes without saying, that from a legal standpoint every air conditioning equipment in the country should have a maintenance carried out on it. this will ensure it complies with the current F gas regulations which you are legally bound to do.

But as the cost, people will throw examples in the air  arguing the case that are well maintained air-conditioning system will improve its longevity reduce callouts and breakdowns. this is without doubt accountable factor but it’s extremely difficult to calculate and get to understand the return on investment using, potential breakdowns or potential callouts as a deciding factor based on cost.

Another really obvious area to look at regarding return on invest for your maintenance is how the system operates, and how efficiently it uses its energy to convert into heating/cooling.  This, on the other hand is something that can be demonstrated and visualised using a simple graph.Air Conditioning Maintenance ROI Graph

In order to better understand the importance of each of our clients air conditioning maintenance visit our engineers carry out an air conditioning energy assessment based upon the  pre air conditioning maintenance energy figures and then immediately after.

Our analysis tells us that in most cases an air conditioning unit that has been running for approximately 8 hours a day in an average office environment would benefit from an air conditioning maintenance every 3 months. however, we have also noted that after a six-month period the performance of the air conditioning system dramatically reduces, in some cases by at least 50%.  it is imperative for return on investment purposes along with the longevity of the unit, that an air conditioning maintenance is carried out every 6 months.

After that timeframe, the air conditioning units become extremely inefficient.  They are not circulating the air within the room because the internal fan coil filters are extremely blocked.  The external condensing unit is not transferring heat correctly because the heat exchanger is blocked and dirty.

Inside the air conditioning fan coil moulding bacteria also grow and build. this is due to the consistently  changing perfect climate for bacteria.  The mould then builds up inside also causes a restriction for the airflow and again reduces efficiency, not to mention the spread of viruses, smells and other airborne particles.  antibacterial wash during the maintenance resolves this to.

So as we are looking at the real cost benefits of air conditioning maintenance, perhaps you can take into account in an office environment the potential for extra sick days caused by the spread of illness through air-conditioning systems. something that we all know too well. so much so that it even has its own name,  sick building syndrome.


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