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The Stress Of Excess Heat Costs More Than You Think

In business, we all know too well the damage excess heat causes upon our employees and their work output. it can be like spending a day in the nursery with all the children running around claiming that there simply ” too hot”. Without doubt, the heat caused by our summers really is detrimental to the productivity of any workforce.  aside from the ability to ensure that they remain productive and efficient, have you considered the extra stress put upon your employees can in fact make them far more susceptible to illness and disease. This post explains nicely all about the effects stress can have. http://www.simplypsychology.org/stress-immune.html

In previous posts I have stated that the cost of excess heat upon employees can be incalculable. This further exaggerates those claims. if you’re in a position where you will have to pay your employees if they are off for long bouts, the managing their stress levels in anyway possible, really should be paramount.

Perhaps it seems like you have to ensure that your work staff are fit and healthy all year round, and for some reason, it is your responsibility. To some level, it is.  Without your workforce, the business simply wouldn’t run the way it does. Keeping staff that know their roles happy, and healthy as best as you can really will pay dividends, literally!

Bringing to your attention that your workforce really need to be kept in the best possible conditions, perhaps brings other ideas to mind like keeping them fit. Something which a lot of Japanese manufacturers do to this day. (morning exercise routines are all part of the job).

If you did have control over how much your employees smoke or drink or even how fit each of them was, then you’d be amazed how much additional productivity you would gain. Unfortunately, they are without doubt out of your control. It’s the comfort which your staff work in, that you are able to control.

Justifying the initial cost of an air conditioning installation could be the best business move you’ll make.

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