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Types of Air Conditioning know your options

Air conditioning is known to be the best way to enjoy comfort and a good night’s sleep indoors when the climate outside is too hot or cold. The technology provides you with options to control, regulate and maintain desired temperature inside a room or building irrespective of the weather outside. The best part is that the air conditioning units are available in a wide variety on the market. Here are some of the most common types of air conditioning options you can look for:

  • Window air conditioner: This is known to be the most commonly used air conditioner. It is usually preferred for single rooms. All the chief components such as the cooling coil, evaporator, coil, expansion valve, condenser and compressor are enclosed in a single box. The unit is properly fitted in a slot prepared in the room wall or a window sill.
  • Central air conditioning system: This is mostly utilized for offices, gyms, big buildings, hotels, houses etc. When it comes to air conditioning the whole building, installing individual units becomes very expensive. Hence, central air conditioning system is recommended by the experts.
  • Split air conditioner: This type of system consists of two parts, namely; indoor unit and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is fitted outside the area to be air conditioned and the indoor unit is fitted n the room.  The outdoor unit comprises of condenser, valve and compressor. The indoor unit contains cooling fan and cooling coil.

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