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Understanding The Flexibility Of Your Air Conditioning Installation

Perhaps it’s time for you to invest in a new air conditioning installation. Other than knowing the rooms that you would like the systems in, it is worth bearing in mind that now is the time to understand whether you will be making any layout changes within your office space.

During a site survey carried out this week, we came up with a very similar problem with a new client. They had their air conditioning installed a number of years ago, and simply followed the layout that they had that suited them at the time. Three years on from that, and their current office layout does not suit their requirements, and therefore they need to make some amendments and section off different areas.

Currently, some of the air conditioning systems that have been installed operate to all intents and purposes is one individual unit. Even though there are four internal fan coils, they all run off one controller and they are all piped back to 1 external condensing unit. This is, in essence one air conditioning system. Our client’s new office layout has four separate rooms. Each of these rooms  are used for different purposes and therefore have completely different heat loads. simply running the air conditioning system as it was but now divided into four separate areas will cause excess stress on the external unit.

The only option our client has at this stage is to simply replace all their air conditioning systems, either 4 separate splits or a VRV system.

Non of their existing installation can remain, which means all of the equipment they had previously purchased is now redundant to them.  Second-hand sales of air conditioning systems is also an area which gives a very poor return on investment. Small installations for air conditioning are between 40% to 60% installation cost, therefore a second-hand  air conditioning unit with no warranty, simply does not make sense to so many people.

Before deciding on the right system for you and your office requirements, please bear in mind that you may decide at some point to change your office layout, and if this is not discussed with your air conditioning provided beforehand, then there is a chance that you could be out-of-pocket just like our new client has found out.

Any reputable air conditioning contractor will explain all the pros and cons regarding which type of air conditioning systems are applicable to you. Please do note, the most cost-effective solution now, may be the one that costs you the most in the long run, it’s about understanding and speculating about future office layouts that will save you the most money.

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