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Understanding the quality involved in a professional air conditioning installation

It may seem quite obvious first to think that any mechanical services installation or even domestic home improvement installation needs to be of the highest quality and carried out by professionals suitable for the job. Air conditioning however, has more pitfalls and potential errors if the job is not done correctly.

Air conditioning has been made slightly easier over the past few years for people to jump on the trendy new bandwagon and become an air conditioning installer. Unfortunately for them the re-occurring callouts and the inability to put systems right is what’s left them quickly without a business.

this is a list of some of the potential errors found in an air conditioning system is installed incorrectly.

  • Water leaks from condensation
  • Refrigerant gas leaks
  • Electrical issues
  • Vibration and noise
  • Excessive electrical consumption
  • Dangerous and inadequate fixings

Make sure when you choose your air conditioning installer but they cover you with at least 12 months for parts and labour warranty. and this is where you willing to make sure of the small print. The warranty needs to be an unconditional warranty with everything covered with potentially the only exception being malicious damage, abuse or misuse.

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