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What Air Conditioning Manufacturer To Choose?

There are thousands of air conditioning companies throughout the entire UK. Each of these are offering very similar services, there will basically be exceptions with regards to the type of company, the way they conduct their business, the training programs for their engineers and also the types of air-conditioning manufacturers that a company may be affiliated to, or choose to use.

Out of all the manufacturers of air conditioning equipment there really are only about 3 market leaders in the UK. The name everyone has come to love in the air conditioning industry is Daikin this is very closely followed by Mitsubishi Electric and in joint 3rd place would be the likes of the low-budget air-conditioning equipment such as LG, Samsung and Fujitsu.

To look at any of these pieces of equipment, very little actually separates them. And they all work in exactly the same way with some other manufacturers launching slightly new, and more modified technologies to increase efficiencies is pretty much all that separates them, initially!

Realistically, saying all air conditioning is the same, is like trying to say that all cars of the same. Yes they all have wheels, seats, steering wheels and an engine. But as we all know, they’re all extremely different and each of them has their own advantages and reasons to buy including the kudos of owning a particular brand!

However, when purchasing air-conditioning kudos about certain brands is really non-existent. So what areas do matter?

Well, naturally, the top 2 manufacturers will always be the higher end of the price market however, initial purchase price should never be the deciding factor on which air conditioning manufacturer you choose. The higher end models are more energy-efficient and quieter and they are far more reliable, all of these factors will save you money year-on-year, and it has been proven, that the correct investment initially is most definitely the best cost-effective choice.

Although not affiliated with any of the air-conditioning manufacturers, Service Group 365 offers exclusively Daikin air conditioning and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning unless specifically asked by clients to provide quotations for other equipment to allow a like-for-like comparison.

If you’re looking for reliable air conditioning, that is the most efficient to run and does do for years to come it makes absolute sense, to use one of the top air-conditioning manufacturers. Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air Conditioning Service both cost money. More reliable manufacturers can reduce both of these costs throughout their life.

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