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What Does An Air Conditioning Service Entail

When we get asked to create a service and maintenance package for client we list all of the functions and protocols that we carry out to make the service effective.

Standard air conditioning service is very much the same as a car service.  All of the main components are checked over and its operation and function tested to the manufacturers guidelines and limits.

Here are some bullet points which give you a guideline of what standard air conditioning service consists of:

  •  air filter cleaning
  •  fan operation check
  •  electrical test
  •  tighten electrical connections
  •  refrigerant leak check where applicable
  •  operation check, including temperatures, noise, vibration etc
  •  condensate drain is  cleaned where applicable
  •  external panels and facias cleaned

This gives you a basic outline of the works carried out during an air conditioning service. is important to know that as long as an air conditioning service is carried out as it should be at either annual, biannual or even 4 times per year. Then the cost of that air conditioning service will most definitely be recouped through extended up-time and reduce call-outs. Another major factors bearing in mind is that if internal parts and filters are clean and operating efficiently than the overall running costs of the equipment will be dramatically reduced.

Always ask your air conditioning maintenance company to provide you with an overview of what the specific service entails for your equipment. it’s always good to get comparative quotations and from each of these, get the opinion of the professional engineer attending site as to the type and amount of protocols required for your air conditioning to be serviced effectively.

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