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What does the future hold for air conditioning and a new name

if any of us can predict the future we probably wouldn’t waste our time in looking into new slang names or new hybrid names of an existing product which if you’re honest, is fairly boring. Air Conditioning!

we all know what it means, don’t we? Well, if you were to ask 10 people what air conditioning was unfairly certain you’ll get 10 answers from people saying, ” air conditioning keep you cool during the summer”. well this is true. however, it’s almost been likened to saying a car keeps you dry when it’s raining?

What I’m really saying is, air conditioning is far more than simply keeping you cool during those hot stuffy summer months. Air conditioning, has had a little bit of a re-brand, if not just referred to slightly differently. You may have heard the term ” climate control”. this term does cover more of what air conditioning is about.

Having the ability to control your climate, regardless of what the weather is outside, a degree sensitive solution that provide you with the year-round comfort and the sheer luxury of always staying at a comfortable set temperature you have chosen.

That’s where we are now. So if we go five years from now and all air conditioning is powered by solar panels for free cooling during the hot stuffy summer months, and also, all air conditioning systems are fitted with some level of wind turbine along with a battery backup solution. which provide you with free heating during the winter. these are by no means impossible in fact they can be done right now.

So you can expect air conditioning to provide you with a year-round potentially free heating and cooling solution for both your office and your home. That’s fairly certain. What would you call such a system? apart from “very clever”.

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